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Temperature when I left home this morning: 28 degrees of frost.

I drove to work today kitted out in full arctic explorer gear, with the heater blasting away, and yet I could still feel my body's warmth draining away. Walking across the car park to the front door, a journey of less than 50 feet, it felt as if knives were stabbing into my cheeks. All the while, a feeble dying sun hung limply in a dim grey sky, refusing to rise.

Normally, I don't feel cold, but lately I have felt nothing but. God has forsaken us. Mother Nature has turned her back on us, and we shall not see her face again except in fury, hurling yet another deadly storm. Meantime, our world is a lifeless lump of ice covered rock, swathed in murk and shadow, whose very air is grit against our lungs.

I sit at my desk clutching my winter coat about me against frigid draughts which enter at will and mock our building's heating system. A mug of tea is good for about ten minutes' delicious warmth, but I've already had five, which will not do much for my efforts at sleeping tonight. I dread the journey home with the breath of death's angel to numb my flesh, feeling this unworldly chill work its way deeper and deeper into my bones, extinguishing all that clings to life and nourishes hope.

That feeling of hope is what I miss the most.
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Went out to Harvard Square to have my hair cut and get my first taste of Obama disillusionment. The proprietors of the shop are a gay couple (legally married since 2004 under Massachusetts law) and were not too chuffed about Obama's choice of Rev Rick Warren to give the invocation at the Presidential Inauguration.

A quick recap for those not following the sideshow issue: Rev Warren is the founder and senior pastor of the Saddleback Church in California, which happens to be the fourth largest church in the US. He was one of the most vocal supporters of Proposition 8, which overturned the legalisation of gay marriage in California. He has also publicly equated gay marriage with incest.

Naturally they feel a sense of betrayal, which of course I understand and sympathise with, but in no way was I surprised. It is a common misperception among people in New England that we are in fact part of the USA. I can assure you that no one living west of Port Chester is so confused. Our presence within the Union is tolerated, not embraced, so long as we know our place and keep our filthy gay marriages and leprous ideas to our own side of the fence.
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Geez, what a lame storm. It had potential, but somehow lacked that certain je ne sais pas conduire that we've come to expect from a typical nor'easter. It most definitely was not a French Toast Emergency. I didn't even notice many crashed out-of-state cars on my drive to work.

The (remaining) staff at LiveJournal are working hard at convincing us that the crunching sound coming from the hull is nothing to worry about and certainly not in any way an iceberg. I follow LiveJournal on Twitter and yesterday received a tweet which said (along with a pointer to yesterday's press release), LJers! Don't worry, the news of our demise is premature. Yes, there were layoffs, but that does not affect your LJ! What a relief! I am certain that those who lost their jobs yesterday shall be comforted by the news that their employment was in no way important to the success of the company. And it was ever so thoughtful of LJ Inc. to give such public recognition of the contribution of these fine individuals. We shall not forget them. To the Thirteen Who Made No Difference: I salute your irrelevant sacrifice. I dedicate today's post in your honour.

Whether or not yesterday's hysteria will prove to have been justified, it has had the positive effect of forcing a lot of serious thinking about disaster recovery. I was happy to see people looking into the various available options for backing up their stuff and, critically, asking for help when needed. Please continue to do so, and I will continue to provide help where I am able. Clearly we can count on official support from LJ even less now than we could before the layoffs, so it falls to us to help one another.

I was also gratified to see that my post yesterday may have helped spark a general "how to find me in the post LJ world" meme. Even under the best of circumstances, I expect most of us to outlive LJ, and although I intend for the forseeable future keeping LJ as my primary means of communicating with you all, I am keen to establish as many redundant paths as possible.
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I hope all of my local friends appreciated the extra dose of slippery chaos this morning. You had probably been expecting just to be able to drag your sorry self out of bed after a four-day holiday weekend's drunken revelry and sleepily stumble your way towards the waiting arms of the work week. Hah! Well, if so then you were digging shards of yourself out of the pavement. The brilliant part is that not one of the highly-paid talking sock puppet meteorologists had said a single word about ice. Nope, that was the best kept secret in town, an unspoiled surprise just for us. Because we are the truly blessed of the world and we deserve it!

But heads up, friends, for life is not all black ice and roses here in the Deep Six... rumour has it that weather might actually start to suck tomorrow. So buy that bread, milk and eggs early, if you don't want to miss out!


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