Aug. 16th, 2009


Aug. 16th, 2009 09:06 am
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Apparently, blueberry muffins are a distinctively American treat.

A taste of AmericaHave a nice day!
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The Scots sure know how to party. There was a wedding in our hotel last night until after 1am, and at breakfast this morning the staff were still cleaning bits of it off the walls. I'm a bit sad to be leaving, truth be told.

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250 miles and half a day later, here we are in York. (It would have taken much less time and less driving, but Scotland has basically one road that goes to England, and it was out being mended.)

York appears to have what I would describe as an overwhelmingly pub-based economy. Walking in Stonegate this evening, I counted within a distance of a hundred paces no fewer than fifteen pubs. It may have been more; in spots they are so densely packed together as to make difficult a precise reckoning of their number. If you should ever find yourself missing a pub, you should travel to York immediately; there is a very good chance you will turn it up there.

Unfortunately, most of the pubs I saw were in the business of selling "fayre". I do not, under any circumstances at all, eat fayre; it makes me extremely ill. We did manage to find one place that did us a very respectable plate of sausages however.


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